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We had an interesting time Saturday night. We had no plans for dinner, so we used a gift certificate from Restaurant.com and went to City Diner with the kids. We had been there before and enjoyed it. I had previously tried the City Benedict which is like eggs Benedict; but with spinach, andouille sausage, and tomatoes. I decided to go for some waffles instead, with a side of ham and country gravy. The kids liked the pancakes there, so we ordered them each a short stack of three pancakes.  My husband ordered the Big Country Breakfast which also came with pancakes.  They were out of waffles, so I wound up ordering pecan pancakes.

They brought out the pancakes first.  Remember, we had four orders of pancakes.  There was barely room for all four plates. These pancakes were huge.  I would guess they were about the size of a small pizza, ten inches in diameter.  When they brought out the rest of the order, we could hear the snickers from the other customers.  It was pretty fun, especially considering one of our fou-year-old son’s favorite show’s lately is Man Vs Food.  Of course, in this case, food won.  The kids both ate about a quarter of a pancake.  We took the rest of the pancakes home… in pizza boxes.  I froze them so we would have quick breakfasts on hand.

The funny thing is that the pancakes used to be normal size.  I don’t know why they are so big now.  It can’t be good for profits, especially considering that I suspect they are homemade.  They both smelled and tasted too good to be from a mix.  I wonder what would have happened if we had ordered omelets…


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