Black Thumb of the Family

When I was a child, we always had a garden of some sort. One year, we tilled part of the backyard and built an enclosure for a vegetable garden. I remember how beautiful and plentiful the squash plants were.
For years, there was a prolific sea of irises under my bedroom window. They were yellow. At some point, there had also been purple ones; but I don’t know what happened to them.
My mother is a gardening genius. It is a trait she inherited from her aunt who had a degree in horticulture. Plants flourish under my mom’s care. She singlehandedly landscaped our backyard while undergoing chemotherapy, including a pond and shade garden. Unfortunately, Katrina didn’t appreciate all her hard work.
I have none of my mom’s talent. Absolutely none. Plants die around me. Ordinarily, that would stop a sane person from starting a garden. Not me. I went out and bought seeds. And a seed starter kit. I immediately planted the seeds, expecting not to see results for at least a week or never. Two and half days later, this is what I find: Seeds
There are nine sections of seeds, eight cells in each. In the middle, there is cilantro. Clockwise, starting from the upper left corner: lavender, tarragon, tomato, chives, parsley, oregano, basil, dill.
Once the seeds sprouted, I had to rush out and get supplies. I had a fantasy of what my garden and supplies would look like. My fancy watering can:
Such a watering can would make my plants magically grow, along with fancy pots. In reality, I am on a limited gardening budget and chose less ostentatious accessories. My modest, yet functional planters: Bucket
Anxious to see more advanced plant life, I also bought rosemary, lemon balm, poblano pepper, and strawberry plant. I put the poblano in one of the buckets, planning to add a jalepeno at a later date. I put the rosemary in a hanging basket, ad well as the lemon balm and strawberry in a separate basket. Strawlemon

So, we shall see if any of this year’s garden survives.

On a side note, the photos in this post were made with the Instagram app for iPhone. You can add filters to any photo for a vintage look. I love it!

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