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Sometimes I like to pass the time by reading blogs. Who doesn’t? I have several that I like to read on a regular basis; one of my favorites is Wide Lawns. Occasionally, the lovely proprietress of Wide Lawns will entertain her readers with reprehensible dishes that she comes across, referring to them as Nasty A**ed Recipes. (I will refer to them as NARs since I an in a lazy sort of mood.
A few days ago, Wide Lawns posted what she described as the nastiest recipe of all time. It involves cream cheese and pepper jack. And White Castle Burgers?? You can view the recipe here. Then Wide Lawns asked if someone would make it. Of course, I volunteered. In the eighth grade, a friend voiced her concerns over the even stranger foods I might crave if I ever got pregnant. It was only natural that I make the recipe and document it for mankind.
First, I must transform these:

Into this:

They look like breadcrumbs, don’t they? I was pleasantly surprised. Then I started layering: a mixture of cream cheese and Dusseldorf mustard (I substituted a horseradish deli mustard after some research), chopped onions, and the burger crumbs. So far:
After I added a mixture of pepper jack cheese and milk, the dish began to resemble the vomit Wide Lawns had feared.
The finishing touch was vintage parsley flakes circa 2005 that I had pinched from my parents’ house post-Katrina. It went in the oven for 20 minutes and voila!

How did it taste, you ask? It wasn’t bad hot out of the oven. I would have eaten half of the dish if I hadn’t been so busy with other things. But I did need a second opinion, so I got my husband to try it without telling him what it was. He gave it a thumbs up until he found out what was in it.
If you are brave enough to try this dish, make sure you eat it hot out of the oven. It isn’t as good reheated. Happy cooking!

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