Third Time’s a Charm: My Love of Cooking

I’m going to come out and say it:   I LOVE TO COOK!!!  Putting together culinary delights and then being able to enjoy them with loved ones. Ahh…

I first developed a love of cooking and food experimentation in kindergarten when each student was required to submit a recipe for the class cookbook.  I submitted a recipe for macaroni salad which included ingredients such as boiled eggs and pickles.  A few years later, I was required to both submit a recipe and cook a dish for my eighth grade Cajun Food Fest.  I was already adept at deviled eggs; I found a deviled egg recipe with a Bechamel sauce. Sound Cajun, right?  My sophomore year of high school, the geography classes put on a luncheon for the teachers.  You had to bring a dish from a certain country. I forget what my country was; but my dish was lamb.

In high school, I took home economics.  I would love to say that it taught me how to make all kinds of gourmet meals, but sadly, it did not.  I learned how to make biscuits from scratch during the cooking semester. Then the teacher went on maternity leave and the substitute suggested such concoctions as jello salad. Gag.

Eventually, I learned to cook on my own. My mom taught me some.  I followed recipes very closely; I loved trying out new ones. I would cook a fancy dinner every year for my mom’s birthday.  Eventually, I began experimenting more with recipes.  It’s hard to always find someone to be my guinea pig though.

I like to do all kinds of cooking now.  I can cook traditional dinners on the stove or in the oven. One of my favorite things to do is cook in the crock pot so I don’t have to rush to think of something later in the day. One site I like to use is A Year of Slow Cooking. She has her recipes organized well and all of them are gluten free.  With other types of cooking, I have used or, formerly Recipezaar. However, I tend to now put all my recipes in one place with the ZipList Recipe Clipper.

I have been trying to bake a lot lately, but I am going to save that for another post. I may post a recipe or two in the future!


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