Second Love: Writing

As much as I love reading, I love to write just as much. I wrote my first “book” when I was six years old. It was a story about my baby brother and even had illustrations, from what I can recall. I can remember writing a couple of other little books, even using cut out pictures from my yearbook to illustrate one.
Throughout middle school and high school, I wrote novellas and shared them with my classmates. I dreamed of one day becoming a best-selling author. When it came to decide on a career path, I thought I wanted to pursue teaching high school English–a thought inspired by my own Junior and Senior English teachers. I still wanted to write and took a few creative writing classes as electives. Then a boy came along and I didn’t write for a long, long time. Eventually, there was a hiatus from school; but I eventually returned and graduated with a degree in English, minus the teaching certification. Returning to school helped me return to writing as I was encouraged to submit works to our school literary journal. My husband was as encouraging of my writing, as well as one of my professors. Last year, I made a second attempt at National Novel Writing Monthin which participants attempt to write an entire novel (175 pages/50,000 words)in thirty days. It was a struggle and mind wrecking, but I was able to complete the event for the first time. (I had attempted to do this a few years earlier and failed miserably) I have not decided if I am going to take part or not this year; but I do have a few stories milling about in my head. I also am thinking of what to put in my portfolio for graduate school admissions. So, for now, I have some things to ponder on.


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