Dear LaLa:

You have no idea how angry you have made me. All those times you let people make fun of you and take advantage of you–why couldn’t you stand up for yourself? Do you not realize what tolerating all of this will eventually do to you over the years? You will be afraid of everything and will take everything personally–from the high school kid pranking your Craigslist ad to the man in the grocery store threatening you over a parking space. You will agonize for days, weeks, even months over things that are insignificant.

Do you even realize the power that fighting back could give you? You will be in control of your life, instead of the words and actions of others. You won’t be afraid to go out of the house because someone wrote something bad about you online and they might find you, as illogical as that sounds. You won’t cry yourself to sleep thinking, for some insane reason, that it is all your fault.

Standing up for yourself is such a simple solution to preventing a lot of pain. Sure, it may feel painful itself at first. But just think… you will be a much stronger person in the end. You will not be afraid and you will be whole.


Your Former Self

This is the sixth week I have participated in the Indie Ink Writing Challenge. I was chosen to challenge Mean Girl GarageAmy challenged me to write a letter to my childhood self. We have had such a wonderful group of writers these past few weeks. Please check out their blogs and show them your support.

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13 responses to “Bullied

  1. I feel like we had similar experiences growing up. Childhood will mess ya’ up!

  2. Amy

    Thanks for a great post. I know it was kind of a cliche challenge so thanks for being a good sport. I had actually thought of writing a letter to myself as a therapeutic thing and thus came up with the prompt. There are some points in my life where I would have liked to insert a letter for my child-person to find from me.

  3. All kids would be well served by reading this letter and taking it to heart. Childhood can be tough even in the best of circumstances. Realizing that their lives are worth defending against others’ words and actions is maybe the most important lesson kids can learn. You did a great job with this challenge.

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  5. man I wish you were around when I was little to tell me this too…

    great job!

  6. This is really great. It’s too bad we can’t really go back in time and talk to our childhood selves.

  7. I could have used that letter myself as a child. However, those experiences are part of what made us who we are today–and so far I am liking the writer in these challenges!